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Case Studies in Population Health: Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Joan Carroll, RN

CCM Former Director, Care Transitions; Lee Memorial Health System

Organization or team change initiatives often fail to take flight or succeed without a champion. Simply put, champions know how to get things done--the levers to pull and the buttons to push, and, how to persuade and influence key people. They are often described as dogged in their pursuit and are not easily deterred or distracted. While they typically possess some formal authority, they usually hold more informal authority. Joan is a classic champion and she shares her lively and frank narrative about how she tackled the readmission challenge at Lee Memorial Hospital---a Fort Myers, Florida health system founded a century ago, staffed by close to 10,000 employees and 5,000 volunteers--with a capacity of 1,400 beds across its six hospitals.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how patients experience transitions of care
  • Provide examples of how patient and practitioner perceptions influence care transitions
  • Explore the relationship between communication, comprehension, and a successful transition

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