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Motivational Interviewing Training for Health Care

Motivational Interviewing, Health Coaching Training and Certification
Motivational Interviewing Certification and Health Coach TrainingMotivational Interviewing (MI) has been used in the mental health and addictions fields for years now. With scores of research studies demonstrating the impact of MI on health-related behavior change, MI is now being widely applied in health care. Most health coaches, case managers and practitioners have become acquainted with basic MI principles and practices. Some have even developed proficiency in MI which experts emphasize is required to achieve the outcomes demonstrated in the 300+ MI clinical outcome trials. According to the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) and numerous studies, proficiency requires an MI immersion workshop that includes hands on skill-building activities, support for learning transfer, and assessment of a recorded sample of practitioner-patient encounters (telephonic or face-to-face) using a validated, standardized MI assessment tool and feedback and coaching with a MINT professional. 

While most training programs and workshops focus on building MI knowledge, HealthSciences focuses on building proficiency in MI health coaching. Further, we are a full-time development organization and our faculty are professional MI trainers, specializing in health care. Most importantly, we believe that building the complex skill-set required for MI requires and evidence-based, best practice competency development approach. Our programs have been built from the ground up by faculty including NIH-funded authorities on evidence-based health coaching and credentialed, post doctorally prepared health psychologists, along with doctoral and masters level online learning and instructional design specialists who have developed programs for some of the largest organizations in the U.S. in and outside of health care.  We evaluate the performance of each of our programs using standardized, validated pre-post measures. We have the talent and the capabilities to design, implement and evaluate enterprise workforce development programs with the help of individuals with experience in corporate training and multinational business consulting experience. Our experience and our outcomes have made HealthSciences Institute the largest provider of MI-based workforce development and training programs in Motivational Interviewing health coaching. 

MI Webinar Series (Foundations of MI Health Coaching)
Our MI Webinar Series (Foundations of MI Health Coaching) is our most condensed and affordable MI skill-building program. It provides critical, basic training on the new MI health coaching model described by Miller and Rollnick in the 2013 Motivational Interviewing (3rd Edition). The series provides critical, basic training on the application of MI in health care and population health management settings. We consider this program essential training for all health care practitioners and an important update for MI practitioners who have not been trained in this new framework. It is the basis for all of health sciences learning programs from beginner to expert. This series is offered twice each year on a live basis, however, sessions are recorded and available 48 hours after available. The webinar series may be completed alone, or prior to, or following, the CCP program or the RHC MI Intensive. As with all of our programs, this one is focused on the application of evidence-based practices to the learner's practice setting and role. Individuals participating in the live program will have an opportunity to participate in learning activities and share and discuss case studies through the webinar chat function. Participants are encouraged to practice new skills between sessions.  

Session I: MI Spirit: Measurable and Linked to Outcomes

Session II: Engaging: Laying the Foundation

Session III: Focusing: Setting the Agenda

Session IV: Evoking: Change Talk Makes the Difference

Session V: Planning: Ensuring Follow-through

Viewing options:

The MI Webinar Series (Foundations of MI Health Coaching) is available for viewing via On-Demand.

On-Demand Option. Registering for the full on demand option is identfical to the live session, although participants will be participating in each of the acitivities individually or with their local team. Participants can participate in the series at their own pace. On Demand registration is avaiable anytime duiring the year for the latest aired sessions.  



Since this program is designed as a series, registration is only available for the entire series. In the event the registrant is unable to attend a scheduled live session, replays of all webinars will be available to registered applicants 30 days following the last session of the series. Please note: only registered individual attendees are eligible to attend. Any additional attendees must be registered. Learn More.  This program is also available to organization or regional teams. Contact HealthSciences Institute about group webinar delivery options.

RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive
For individuals and organizations interested in a self-directed, online option, HealthSciences offers a RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive. It is ideal for participants who prefer a self-directed learning option, practicing new skills as they are learned, and avoiding travel and lodging fees. This option is also a great fit for smaller organizations that do not meet the team requirement of 25 for an in-house workshop or organizations of any size that bring in new employees coming onboard throughout the year. This is the first MI health coaching distance learning program of its kind. Designed, developed and evaluated by a team of doctoral-level experts in online learning, health psychology, medical psychology, and MI health coaching. It is an “asynchronous” learning program, i.e., it may be started and completed within a six to twelve week period on a rolling basis. Learners can view learning presentations, study course materials, complete learning activities, as well as participate in team activities and the learning forum as convenient. Register for the RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive.

While the RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive curriculum is similar to the two-day workshop's, the innovative format allows for a greater focus on building proficiency through small team activities, giving/receiving feedback based on participant submitted work samples, webinars organized around the Miller & Rollnick health coaching framework, and readings and activities from the CCP Health Coach Program's Module 4. Although it may be completed without CCP, it closely tracks and builds on CCP content to help learners apply the fundamental components of population health, chronic care and lifestyle management for all team members working across the care continuum. Ideally, the program is completed at the tail-end of the CCP program for an integrated, seamless learning experience. The MI Intensive program is a new alternative to the RHC workshop requirement. Based on our evaluation of learner proficiency we have found it to be even more effective than our acclaimed MI workshops, due to a highly interactive program design including individual assessment, report and one-on-one coaching with a MINT MI Health Care authority. Learn More.


Our popular two-day, hands-on workshop is specifically designed for clinician and non-clinician members of the health care team, as well as specialists in phone or face-to-face wellness, disease management or care management programs. Workshops are facilitated by a team of MINT health care specialists and clinicians—seasoned in “real world” direct care, wellness, disease management and care management settings. The program is typically offered in house or regionally to teams of 25 or more. This HealthSciences Institute workshop was updated in 2012 to incorporate the latest MI and health behavior change research and interventions, including material Miller and Rollnick’s 2012 Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change (3rd Edition). You’ll learn about a new MI health coaching framework and exciting revisions to the theory and practice of MI.

Based on our evaluation research showing the impact of our RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive program, we strongly encourage organizations to consider this newer option if the goal is to build practice proficiency. Our RHC MI Intensive programs provide opportunities to practice new skills, and each participant is assessing using a standardized tool (the Health Coaching Performance Assessment), a comprehensive HCPA report provided, and a one-on-one feedback and coaching session is offered. This program is open to anyone regardless of whether or not they are pursuing RHC certification. CCP is a recommended, but not a required prerequisite.


  • Core concepts and principles of MI-based health coaching
  • Compare traditional medical and popular coaching with validated MI health coaching approaches
  • Worst and best case scenarios in behavior change facilitation that predict clinical outcome
  • Practical MI health coaching techniques for better patient engagement, self-care, adherence, lifestyle, and clinical outcomes
  • Structured framework for brief, evidence-based health coaching
  • Concrete MI health coaching skills for health care
  • Plan for continued proficiency development

Learn More or Schedule a Two-Day MI Health Coaching Workshop

To schedule an in-house, onsite or regional training workshop for 25 or more participants, please contact us.

Individual Proficiency and Organization Quality Assessment: Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA)
The Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA) system and tool was developed by a research team at HealthSciences Institute and validated by an external health care services evaluation firm (Linden Consulting Group). The HCPA measures the proficiency of professionals in effective health coaching and has been validated with the Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI) tool. The HCPA has also been used by health plans and health systems to evaluate the quality of their wellness, disease management and care management programs. The HCPA is the first tool of its type designed specifically for health care, providing detailed feedback reports and improvement recommendations to clinicians, leaders or customers. Improving clinician proficiency or program fidelity to effective health coaching, like any evidence-based health care supports better results. Since MI has been demonstrated effective in 300+ clinical studies, results require proficiency in MI and fidelity to MI. Learn more >

Health Coaching Performance Assessment for Individuals: Skills Assessment, Feedback and Coaching with a MINT Health Coaching Specialist
Individuals may submit patient de-identified samples of health coaching sessions or sessions with a colleague, friend or family member to HealthSciences to receive an assessment of proficiency in evidence-based health coaching. The sample is evaluated by a MINT, HCPA-certified health care specialist using the HCPA, and a PDF report is provided within two weeks of submission. A feedback and coaching session is then scheduled to review the report, provide feedback and offer skill development coaching.

HCPA for Programs and Organizations: Quality Assessment, Feedback and Performance Improvement
Program leaders may also submit samples to assess staff proficiency or team/program-level quality. Individual and aggregate Health Coaching Performance Assessment reports and feedback sessions are then provided. Aggregate reports allow leaders to assess baseline quality, adapt training for the organization, assess the impact of training, and identify targeted steps for improving patient engagement or health behaviors linked with avoidable health care costs.

The Health Coaching Quality Improvement (HCQI) System
In 2014, HealthSciences Institute introduced a new cloud-based software system that organizations can use in-house on a licensing basis to evaluate and improve staff skills in effective health coaching and health management. Unlike the HCPA, the HCQI does not require expert-level skills in MI or MI coding. Learn more >

Application for the RHC-II MI Health Coaching Intensive will be Open in January 2016 for individuals who have completed the RHC-I MI Health Coaching Intensive.

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