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Motivational Interviewing and Health Coaching InFocus Special Report
Various health coaching approaches are being used in employer, primary care, community, health plan and population health improvement settings for lifestyle management, treatment adherence, and self-care. Read InFocus special report >
Motivational Interviewing and Health Coaching InFocus Case Studies
Real-world examples of how HealthSciences and partner organizations are using population health, health coaching and motivational interviewing (MI) research and best practices to  to improve patient health and reduce avoidable health care costs. Review the case studies >

Motivational Interviewing and Health Coaching Infographics
Infograhpics provide visual displays and summaries of facts and figures. Our infographics relate to the challenges of chronic care and promising solutions for improving population health and reducing avoidable health care costs. View our infographics >

Motivational Interviewing & Health Coaching Training
The PHI Learning Collaborative is the largest interdisciplinary health management and health coaching community featuring our world-class faculty, monthly skill-building events—no vendors, dues or fees with this organization. View upcoming events >

HealthSciences Institute News
Stay up-to-date with the latest news and information from HealthSciences Institute. We'll include information about  HealthSciences Institute's partnerships, programs and updates. For industry news, research or updates on population health, chronic diseases, chronic care and health improvement please refer to our Twitter feed on the bottom of the right column of the home page.  Read the latest motivational interviewing and health coaching news >



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