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Health Coach Training for Organizations

Organization Employees Waiting for Health Coach TrainingWith 75% of health care costs attributed to chronic conditions--and 85% of avoidable costs linked with patient health behaviors—success in today’s health care environment requires best practice chronic care and health coaching solutions that deliver results.

HealthSciences Institute is the largest provider of behavior science-based health coach skill-building programs, learning resources and practice tools. We offer best-in-class team and organization learning solutions specifically designed and validated for brief health care encounters. Each of our programs has been demonstrated effective in organization evaluations or peer-reviewed studies.

Our faculty includes NIH-funded health coaching experts, health psychologists and clinicians with decades of experience in health behavior change. Our Motivational Interviewing (MI) programs are delivered by MINT trainers specializing in improving engagement, and delivering better clinical and cost outcome in wellness, disease and care management settings. We offer a number of solutions for teams and organizations including:

Chronic Care Professional Learning & CertificationChronic Care Professional (CCP) Learning & Certification (CCP)
CCP remains the only evidence-based, nationally-recognized chronic care and health coaching curriculum linked with better clinical and cost outcomes in organization and peer-reviewed studies. CCP registration includes the 40-hour CE-approved online learning program, text, examination—and access to the entire 30-hour MI and health coaching video library. Learn more >

Health Coaching Performance AssessmentHealth Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA)
HealthSciences measures the impact of our programs using the first standardized, validated tool to assess staff proficiency in best practice, MI-based health coaching. Staff-patient recordings are submitted to HealthSciences and evaluated by MINT & MITI-experienced coders trained in the HCPA. Electronic individual and program benchmarking and improvement reports are then provided to individual staff and leadership. Learn more >

National Health Coaching Learning CollaborativeNational Health Coaching Learning Collaborative
Our free, no-cost, noncommercial, webinars are offered via the not-for-profit PartnersInImprovement alliance. Each month practice experts share information, insights and critical skills in chronic care and health coaching. CCP members now receive on-demand access to archived collaborative presentation videos and materials. Learn more >

Advanced Health Coach & Motivational Interviewing Skill-Building SeriesAdvanced Health Coach & MI Skill-Building Series
The Advanced Health Coaching Series measures and builds staff proficiency in brief, MI-based health coaching. We use an innovative MI training model and approach proven to improve MI proficiency and organization performance and measured for impact. The advanced program is available for teams of 50 or more. Prerequisites: CCP enrollment or certification.

A. Motivational Interviewing (MI) Skill-Building Workshop
Our two-day, onsite action learning-based program is specially focused on building and applying brief MI skills in wellness, disease management and care management encounters. Featuring two MINT trainers and limited to 50 to 75 participants per workshop.

B. Case Review Sessions: Applying & Transferring New Skills
As many organizations have learned, and numerous studies confirm, MI training workshops are insufficient to build MI proficiency. We close this gap through monthly telephone-based small team skill-building sessions to help participants apply new learning on the job and overcoming practice barriers.

C. Performance Assessment and Feedback
Experienced coders use a new validated tool (the Health Coaching Performance Assessment™) to evaluate health coaching audio samples and provide individual- and program-level benchmarking, and performance improvement recommendations. Learn more >

D. Internal Mentor Programs
HealthSciences uses a validated process for selecting and developing internal mentors who gradually take ownership of case review and provide ongoing mentoring services to staff. We blend team and individual mentor skill-building designed to build proficiency and sustain progress.






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