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Motivational Interviewing and Health Coaching Infographics

Motivational Interviewing Adds UpInfographic: Motivational Interviewing Adds Up
Motivational interviewing (MI) is the only standardized, evidence-based approach for facilitating behavior change. The MI framework includes four steps: 1.) Engaging the patient; 2.) Focusing on an area of behavior change; 3.) Evoking motivation and commitment for the change; and, 4.) Planning the steps toward change. To understand MI, it is helpful to revisit its roots. Prior to MI being formally introduced, its founder, Dr. William Miller, conducted a meta-analysis on approaches and outcomes for treating alcoholism (in meta-analysis, the results of many studies are systematically combined and compared). Click here to view infographic >

Now is the time to get serious about Motivational InterviewingInfographic: Now is the Time to Get Serious About Training Your Staff in Motivational Interviewing
From Hong Kong to Buenos Aires, professionals in health care and mental health are being trained in a time-tested approach for engaging patients and facilitating behavior change. While highly effective, this approach referred to as motivational interviewing or MI, is deceptively simple, yet requires a complex skill set. While often described as a new trend or technique by those outside of the field of health or medical psychology, it has been the focus of 300+ rigorous research trials since first described over 25 years ago. Click here to view infographic >

Infographic Chronic Care CostsInfographic: The Costs of Chronic Disease: Implications for Health Care
The biggest threats to public health in the 21st Century are chronic, not acute or episodic. This fact has major implications for how health care in the U.S. and most countries around the world is organized and delivered. It also has implications for how practitioners serve patients, as well as professional training and continuing education. Click here to view infographic >

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