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Evidence-Based Health Coaching: Motivational Interviewing in Action

Validated in over 300 clinical studies, motivational interviewing (MI) remains the most patient-centered and effective approach for supporting better patient engagement and activation, disease self-care, treatment adherence and lifestyle management. This is the first MI video training series especially designed for clinicians who serve individuals at risk of, or affected by, chronic diseases. Whether you are serving in a wellness, disease management, or care management program—or a primary or specialty care setting, hospital or community program—this series will help you build the practical MI knowledge and skills you need to support your patient health and address the behavioral factors that are responsible for over 85% of avoidable health care costs.

Purchase the two-DVD set now for $149 (plus $7.95 shipping & handling).

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Disc 1
Evidence-Based Health Coaching: Motivational Interviewing

In this 14-part interview series, NIH-funded motivational interviewing (MI) authority Dr. Susan Butterworth, and behavioral medicine expert Dr. Blake Andersen, discuss why validated, MI-based health coaching approaches are essential for addressing the health-related behaviors that pose the greatest threats to health and drive 85% of avoidable health care spending. Success factors, strategies and practical applications of MI in usual health care, chronic care and care management settings are explored.

Disc 1 running time: approximately 72 minutes

Disc 2
Evidence-Based Health Coaching: Motivational Interviewing in Action Case Studies in Evidence-Based Health Coaching

  • The Precontemplator: Quitting Smoking
  • The Stuck Patient: Staying Physically Active
  • A Cross-Cultural Encounter: Managing Hypertension
  • Identifying Barriers: Managing Diabetes
  • Strengthening Change Commitment: Managing Weight

The RULE Framework of Motivational Interviewing

  • Resist the Righting Reflex
  • Understand and Explore the Patient’s Motivation
  • Listen with Empathy
  • Empower the Patient

Five Steps for Facilitating Health-Related Behavior Change

  • Establish Rapport
  • Set an Agenda
  • Assess Readiness to Change
  • Negotiate an Action Plan
  • Assess Progress and Coach

Disc 2 running time: approximately 140 minutes

Bonus Health Coaching Training Webinar
Resistance is Not a Patient Problem: Practical Skills for Better Adherence with Dr. Susan Butterworth

Susan Butterworth, PhD., MINT, Oregon Health & Science University
Denise Ernst, PhD, MINT, Oregon Health & Science University
Mike Brody, MSN, PMHNP, MINT, Reed College
Verna Burden, MS, RD, MINT, Oregon Health & Science University
Carol DeFrancesco, MA, RD, MINT, Oregon Health & Science University
Blake Andersen, PhD, CEO, HealthSciences Institute

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