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Chronic Care Professional (CCP) Certification

Overview of the CCP Program

The video below provides the imperative for adopting a different approach to engage and activate patients and meet the new expectations in health care today.

Lifestyle choices and chronic conditions are now the biggest threats to public health and sustainable health care costs. CCP prepares the interdisciplinary health care team—and wellness, disease management and chronic care specialists—for the new environment. In the U.S., with 75% of all health care costs due to chronic disease and an estimated 85% of avoidable costs due to health behaviors, government and employer purchasers are changing how providers are measured and reimbursed to encourage change. Chronic care improvement also lies at the heart of new models such as the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) and the accountable care organization (ACO). Their success will be determined by their effectiveness at routinely delivering recommended medical care—and  applying evidence-based steps for patient engagement, lifestyle management, treatment adherence and decision and self-care support. 

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What is included in the CCP tuition fee?

CCP Curriculum, Components and Steps

Chronic Care Professional Health Coach InfoGraphicAn Award-Winning, Nationally Recognized Program

Since 2004, CCP has been used in state and regional pilots, telephonic and face-to-face wellness, disease management and care management programs (including 25+ BCBS affiliates), military health services, and care settings from primary care to long-term care. During this time, CCP has been recognized by the wellness, disease/care management industry association (the Population Health Alliance), the Case Management Society of American (CMSA), the National Association of Disease Management & Wellness Professionals (NADMWP), top ten U.S. PCMH Collaboratives, along with state units from the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services to the Montana Department of Health & Human Services.  

CCP 5.0: Revised and Updated Learning Model

CCP Certification Manual ImageCCP includes the definitive manual for health coaching across the care continuum—with medical care guidelines and shared decision-making tools for 30 chronic conditions. Each module is accompanied by interactive online learning activities to build new skills in four core competencies: 1.) Population Health Improvement, 2.) Chronic Conditions, 3.) Lifestyle Management, and 4.) Health Coaching. Health coaching scripts, audio and video samples help the learner practice MI communication skills, spot MI consistent (MIC) and MI Inconsistent (MIIN) approaches, change closed to open assessment questions, among other topics. The 2012 Miller and Rollnick's health coaching framework is used as a step-by-step health coaching guide (MI remains the only validated approach to health coaching, linked with better patient outcomes in 300+ clinical trials). In CCP 5.0, participants can tailor their learning experience by choosing expert presentations aligned with their role on the team and interests—each delivered by an expert faculty contributor—from Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard and Johns Hopkins, among others.

World Health Organization LogoThe World Health Organization, Institute of Medicine, health improvement experts and leading consumer advocacy groups emphasize that chronic care improvement and true patient-centered care require the active engagement of professionals from many disciplines, as well as a shared practice approach and interdisciplinary competencies. As such, any professional working in health care or a health care-related field is eligible for CCP certification.

Nurses and advanced practice nurses, case managers, physicians, health educators, dieticians, rehabilitation therapists, social workers, psychologists, respiratory therapists, and exercise physiologists, among others, have all completed CCP certification.

Institute of Medicine of the National Academies logoCCP certification is also often recommended for non-clinical team members such as community health educators, program leaders, or consultants who support health and chronic care improvement.

In community settings, CCP certification can prepare informal community care providers to better serve underserved populations at risk of or affected by chronic conditions.



Manual: 350-page color text and health coaching handbook/reference manual with job tools and a durable laminated cover and spiral binding.

Online Learning Activities: Comprehensive library of interactive learning activities to build skills in population health, chronic disease care and self-care support, lifestyle management and motivational interviewing-based health coaching. 

MI Skill-Building Practice Activities: Skill-building and practice activities to develop core MI health coaching communication competencies and apply the 2012 Miller and Rollnick MI Health Coaching framework in typical heath care and health coaching encounters. 

Expert Presentations: The advanced CCP learning design allows participants to customize their learning experience by choosing among presentations delivered by more than 25 HealthSciences faculty on topics that fit the learner's team role and interests. 

CCP Certification Examination: The CCP exam may be completed at home or work. The test taker's score is available immediately after completing the exam. The exam is free and no travel or test center fees are required. If a second examination attempt is needed, it is available at no additional cost following a 30-day waiting period.  

Monthly National Population Health Improvement Learning Collaborative: CCPs have exclusive access to monthly live and archived expert presentations delivered via webinar, along with updated learning materials and job tools. 

CCP Certificate: A PDF color certificate that may be printed with a color printer and is suitable for framing. 

CE certificate: (40 hours) that may be submitted for licensure renewal or employer verification. Pre-approval for nurses, case managers and physicians. Learn more >

Social Media: A LinkedIn group of over 1,000 participants is available to CCP participants; a Twitter feed for wellness, chronic care and health coaching news updates.

Free CE After Certification: CCP provides access to all CE hours required for recertification with nationally-recognized experts. 

National Health Coach Registry Listing: All CCPs are eligible for free listing in the National Health Coaching Registry @ This is the only registry of professionals who have completed an evidence-based health coaching curriculum and proficiency assessment. 


Corporate, Organization or Association Accounts

Reduced tuition fees may be available for partner organizations depending on the number of CCP enrollees and the type of organization. Most organizations fund CCP fees directly or via tuition reimbursement programs. HealthSciences can provide information and documentation regarding the value of CCP, return on investment, and the strategic marketing advantages of CCP for RFPs or service contracts. For more information, we invite you to submit a support request with: 1.) general information about your organization, 2.) the number of staff you would like to enroll and 3.) your time-frame for enrollment. 

Current National Partner Associations

Members of the following organizations are eligible for a 25% reduction off the standard CCP tuition ($1046 vs. $1395 U.S.)  Please enter the following special code during the online registration process or on the registration form submitted by fax or mail. (Please note, verification of membership or military status may be requested.)

>Population Health Alliance (PHA): PHAL

>Case Management Society of America (CMSA) : CMSA

>National Association of Disease Management & Wellness Professionals: NADMWP 

>Active, Reserve or Retired Military Personnel: MILH

All active, reserve or retired military personnel receive a 35% reduction off the standard CCP tuition ($907 vs. $1395). Please enter the special code during the online registration process or on the registration form submitted by fax or mail


Professionals completing the Chronic Care Professional (CCP) learning program are emailed a continuing education (CE) certificate upon successfully completing the CCP certification examination. This certificate may be submitted to state licensing boards or employers for CE documentation or reimbursement.

Chronic Care Professional RecertificationHealthSciences Institute encourages Chronic Care Professionals to stay abreast of developments in the rapidly advancing fields of population-based health and disease management. Accordingly, Chronic Care Professional (CCP) certification is valid for three years. Your certification expires on the last day of the month of your certification period. You may apply for recertification up to 90 days prior to 90 days after the end of your certification period. For example, if your certification period ends in December 2014, you may apply for recertification any time between October 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015.

You will receive a recertification reminder email approximately 90 days prior to your CCP certification renewal date. (Please ensure that your current email address is on file and that is designated as a safe sender in your email program to ensure receipt).

You may recertify either through documentation of continuing education OR re-examination.

Recertification Through Documentation of Continuing Education
You may recertify by documenting completion of at least 15 contact hours of continuing education (1 hour = 60 minutes) during your three-year certification period. Courses (taken or taught), of 1 hour or longer, that address the range of evidence-based population-based health and chronic care management topics are eligible. Examples include:

  • Chronic disease management programs, approaches or interventions
  • Evidence-based medical care
  • Consumer self-management support
  • Patient-centered care
  • Health behavior change facilitation
  • Wellness, health promotion or disease prevention
  • Aging or elder care
  • Health care quality improvement

To recertify through continuing education, you will need to complete a brief web-based form documenting the title of each continuing education program, location, date of program, and hours completed. A $125 administrative fee will apply.

Upon review of the information submitted and receipt of payment, you will be issued a new Chronic Care Professional Certificate within 4 to 6 weeks, valid for an additional three-year period. Although we do not require applicants for recertification to submit paper documentation of continuing education, HealthSciences Institute reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify program attendance for up to one year following application for recertification.

A CCP Continuing Education Worksheet is available for tracking hours.

*Please note that this form is for your personal use only and should NOT be returned by mail. All CE hours must be documented using the online form.

Click Here to Apply for CCP Recertification Through Documentation of Continuing Education

Recertification Through Re-Examination
Alternatively, you may recertify by retaking the current Chronic Care Professional certification examination. Upon completing the examination and receiving a 70% or better score, applicants will be deemed to have met all recertification requirements. A $325 examination fee will be assessed in addition to the $125 recertification fee.

To recertify through re-examination, or if you have any questions about recertification, please contact us at

Reactivating a Lapsed Certification 
If your CCP certification is not renewed within 90 days of expiration, as a courtesy, we can reactivate your certification.

To reactivate your certification, you need to pay a reactivation fee of $150 along with the normal $125 recertification fee. To reactivate, please follow these steps:

First pay the reactivation fee by credit card or check. 

Next, complete the recertification form. Documenting completion of at least 15 contact hours of continuing education and note that your certification expires the month you are applying for reactivation @ //

Please make certain that you provide a current email address so that you receive future recertification reminders from us.


Purchase the CCP 5.0 Manual 

The CCP Manual is available for purchase for $249.95 (shipping included). If you are considering CCP or RHC, purchasing the CCP Manual is a great first step. Purchasers who enroll in CCP within 30 days of purchase are eligible for a 25% ($349) reduction on the tuition fee (enter code MAN25). CCP enrolled or certified professionals may purchase the manual for $149.95 (enter code CCPC). Learn more or purchase now



Chronic Care Professional CCP Eligibility

CCP Eligibility
Teamwork is key to better chronic care. As such, the CCP program is designed for all clinical and nonclinical members of the health care team. CCP offers a shared practice platform across specialties and care settings. CCP is focused on one goal: better patient-level results. CCP Eligibility >

CCP for Professionals

CCP for Professionals
Demand is growing for practitioners skilled in lifestyle management, disease management and care management health coaching. While CCP is a foundation for the entire health care team, for health coaching specialists, CCP is the first step in a Health Coaching Career Ladder that includes advanced training in MI-based health coaching, which like CCP, has been developed and evaluated by trained and credentialed experts. Why Do More Professionals & Organizations Choose CCP?

CCP for Teams and Organizations

CCP for Teams & Organizations
As in medical care, the best health coaching outcomes are achieved when practitioners routinely apply interventions proven to work—approaches which have been tested in real world clinical trials conducted by experts in the field peer-reviewed. As with medical care, poor outcomes in wellness, disease management or chronic care programs can often be attributed to gaps in proficiency and/or adherence of staff to brief, highly effective chronic care and health behavior change steps. CCP for Organizations >

Chronic Care Professional Core Curriculum

CCP Curriculum, Components and Steps 
CCP is an advanced learning program founded on the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine and the World Health Organizations for a 21st Century health care workforce. CCP 5.0 reflects over 500 clinical studies and publications; HealthSciences Institute faculty contributions; evaluation data from CCP pilots, and feedback from hundreds of health care organizations and thousands of participants. CCP Curriculum, Components and Steps >

Chronic Care Professional Certification Examination

CCP Certification Exam
Professionals seeking CCP certification must complete an online examination containing 100 multiple choice questions within five hours. A score of 70 or better is required and two attempts are allowed. The exam must be completed within one year of registration. There are no exam centers or extra fees with CCP. CCP Certification Exam >

Chronic Care Professional Tuition Fees

CCP Benefits and Tuition Fees
The all-in-one $1,395 CCP tuition includes the 40-hour CCP program: 350-page color manual, online skill-building exercises, expert skill-building sessions (updated monthly) and exam. As a bonus, learners can access the classic six-hour Miller and Rollnick MI Video Training Series. Military and association tuition reductions are available, as well as organization rates, making CCP a more affordable, best practice solution for onboarding new staff—compared to inhouse programs. CCP Tuition >

Chronic Care Professional Continuing Education Approval

Continuing Education (CE) Certificate 
A CE certificate is provided upon completion of the examination. While all professionals may submit this certificate for continuing education requirements, CCP is preapproved for 40 hours for nurses, case managers and physicians. Continuing Education (CE) Approval >

Chronic Care Professional MI Skill-Building Video

National Health Coach Registry Listing 
CCPs are eligible for free listing in the National Health Coach Registry used to verify certification status for current or prospective employers, responding to patient or customer inquiries or providing contact information updates. Registered Health Coach >

Chronic Care Professional Monthly Continuing Education CE Events

Monthly CE Events
CCP includes free access to archives and materials from monthly PartnersinImprovement webinars for CCP enrolled or certified—CCP keeps staff updated in the latest best practices. Monthly CE Events >

Chronic Care Professional Registration

CCP Registration
Registering for CCP is easy. Simply complete the secure online form and submit payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. A PDF registration form may also be printed out and sent by fax or mail. CCP Registration >

Chronic Care Professional Recertification

CCP Recertification
CCP is valid for three years; 15 CE hours are required for renewal. HealthSciences provides 100% of CE required for renewal FREE via Archived Monthly Skill-Building Webinars > featuring thought leaders from some of the nation's top health care organizations. CCP Recertification >


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