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Chronic Care Professional Certification Examination

CCP program participants must successfully complete a 100-item online multiple choice examination to receive CCP certification. A score of 70 or better is required. The CCP examination is designed to assess general understanding of core program concepts, strategies and interventions. The psychometric properties of this test have been evaluated by the University of Minnesota UCCS Testing Center.

The CCP exam is taken online using a home or work computer. To preserve the integrity of the examination process, no two test takers receive the test questions in the same order. Each test taker receives 25 items from each module in random order, e.g., a test taker may be presented with an item related to Module 3, followed by an item related to Module 4. The exam must be completed within one continuous five-hour period.

During the examination, test takers may NOT request or accept assistance from another individual, may NOT attempt to access the online CCP learning modules, and may NOT access any other internet site or any computer program from ANY computer. If the examination is not completed within five hours or the test taker violates any of the above examination policies, the examination attempt will be marked "failed." However, as time allows, the test taker may reference the CCP program manual. We strongly encourage test takers to complete all CCP program modules and review their manual prior to accessing the CCP examination.

If a test taker experiences a loss in internet connection or an unavoidable computer hardware or software issue that interrupts the examination attempt and/or results in loss of test responses, the test taker should contact technical support who will review the CCP online program logs, and upon confirmation of the circumstances, reset the exam within one business day to allow a second exam attempt.

Immediately upon completing the examination, the test taker receives their score and test submission confirmation. If a score of 70 or better is attained, CCP and continuing education certificates are immediately available to the test taker in PDF format.

Failed Examinations & Extensions
Participants who fail to receive a score of 70 or better on the CCP certification examination are eligible for a second examination attempt exactly 30 days following the failed examination. After 30 days, the participant’s CCP account will be updated and the test will be automatically activated for a second examination attempt.

While there is no fee for a second examination attempt, it must be completed within one-year of the initial program registration date.

Individuals may request a third examination attempt or an extension if they fail to successfully complete the examination within one year of registration. A $325 fee will apply for a third examination attempt; a $250 fee will apply for a one-year extension.

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