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Chronic Care Professional Recertification

HealthSciences Institute encourages Chronic Care Professionals to stay abreast of developments in the rapidly advancing fields of population-based health and disease management. Accordingly, Chronic Care Professional (CCP) certification is valid for three years. Your certification expires on the last day of the month of your certification period. You may apply for recertification up to 90 days prior, or, 90 day after the end of your certification period. For example, if your certification period ends in December 2007, you may apply for recertification any time between October 1, 2007 and March 31, 2008.

You will receive a recertification reminder email approximately 90 days prior to your CCP certification renewal date. (Please ensure that your current email address is on file and that is designated as a safe sender in your email program to ensure receipt).

You may recertify either through documentation of continuing education OR re-examination:

Recertification Through Documentation of Continuing Education
You may recertify by documenting completion of at least 15 contact hours of continuing education (1 hour = 60 minutes) during your three year certification period. Courses (taken or taught), of 1 hour or longer, that address the range of evidence-based population-based health and chronic care management topics are eligible. Examples include:

  • Chronic disease management programs, approaches or interventions
  • Evidence-based medical care
  • Consumer self-management support
  • Patient-centered care
  • Health behavior change facilitation
  • Wellness, health promotion or disease prevention
  • Aging or elder care
  • Health care quality improvement

To recertify through continuing education, you will need to complete a brief web-based form documenting the title of each continuing education program, location, date of program, and hours completed. A $125 administrative fee will apply.

Upon review of the information submitted and receipt of payment, you will be issued a new Chronic Care Professional Certificate within 4 to 6 weeks, valid for an additional three-year period. Although we do not require applicants for recertification to submit paper documentation of continuing education, HealthSciences Institute reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify program attendance for up to one-year following application for recertification.

A CCP Continuing Education Worksheet is available for tracking hours.

*Please note that this form is for your personal use only and should NOT be returned by mail. All CE hours must be documented using the online form.

Click Here to Apply for CCP Recertification Through Documentation of Continuing Education

Recertification Through Re-Examination
Alternatively, you may recertify by retaking the current Chronic Care Professional certification examination. Upon completing the examination and receiving a 70% or better score, applicants will be deemed to have met all recertification requirements. A $325 examination fee will be assessed in addition to the $125 recertification fee.

To recertify through re-examination, or if you have any questions about recertification, please contact us at

Reactivating a Lapsed Certification 
If your CCP certification is not renewed within 90 days of expiration, as a courtesy, we can reactivate your certification.

To reactivation your certification you need to pay a reactivation fee of $150 along with the normal $125 recertification fee. To reactivate, please. Please follow these steps:

First pay the reactivation fee by credit card or check. 

Next complete the recertification form, documenting completion of at least 15 contact hours of continuing education and note that your certification expires the month you are applying for reactivation.

Please make certain that you provide a current email address so that you receive future recertification reminders from us via email.



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