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Who is Eligible for CCP Certification?

The World Health Organization, Institute of Medicine, health improvement experts and leading consumer advocacy groups, emphasize that chronic care improvement and true patient-centered care require the active engagement of professionals from many disciplines, as well as a shared practice approach and interdisciplinary competencies. As such, any professional working in health care or a health care-related field is eligible for CCP certification.

Nurses and advanced practice nurses, case managers, physicians, health educators, dieticians, rehabilitation therapists, social workers, psychologists, respiratory therapists, exercise physiologists, among others, have all completed CCP certification.

CCP certification is also often recommended for non-clinical team members such as community health educators, program leaders, or consultants who support health and chronic care improvement.

In community settings, CCP certification can prepare informal community care providers to better serve underserved populations at risk of or affected by chronic conditions.


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