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The Chronic Care Professional (CCP) Program

Chronic Care Professional (CCP) Program Components 

CCP includes an advanced learning design that includes four core components:

1.) A comprehensive learning manual and guidebook

2.) Interactive learning activities

3.) Expert HealthSciences faculty presentations

4.) National Population Health Improvement Learning Collaborative

The Process for Completing CCP  

Learners begin the program by reading the module content in the CCP manual. They then complete the online learning activities for the module and select four expert video presentations that fit the module themes and the role and interests of the learner.  Learners are encouraged to attend monthly learning events with other CCP participants and practitioners in the U.S. and abroad. Social media including LinkedIn and Twitter are also available. The LinkedIn community is available for posting questions, receiving help or making comment to other members of the community or moderators. A Twitter feed provides timely news updates on wellness, chronic diseases, health care innovations or health coaching. Upon completion of the program activities, the learner accesses the online examination via the CCP online program portal. The manual and notes may be referenced during the examination. Upon successfully completing CCP, certified professionals continue to have free access to the population health learning collaborative  events (live or via replay as convenient), learning materials and job tools. All CE hours required for Recertification (15 hours over three years) are provided at no cost. 

Individual & Team Options for Completing CCP 

The CCP is an entirely self-directed learning program. It may be started and completed at the convenience of the learner. In addition, co-workers can complete the program together by reading a module a week or a module a month, along with the learning activities, and meet to review and discuss the content. Feedback can be shared about the individual expert presentations and recommendations shared. In module four, actual team activities are included to help learners build MI-health coaching skills. A target for completing the exam, perhaps in four or six months as agreed by the team or a program supervisor. 

CCP Module Learning Objectives

Module 1: Population Health Improvement

• The New Health Care Environment

• Assessing & Improving Health Care Quality

• Chronic Care Improvement

• Wellness, Disease Management & Care Management Practice

Module 2: Chronic Diseases

• The Big Five Chronic Conditions

• Key Chronic Conditions

• Issues of Late-Life

Module 3: Lifestyle Management 

• Diet & Nutrition

• Weight Management & Bariatric Surgery

• Fitness, Physical Activity & Mind/Body Health

• Stress Management

• Tobacco Cessation

Module 4: Health Coaching 

• Behavior Change Theory, Science & Practice Applications

• Miller & Rollnick MI Health Coaching Framework

• MI Health Coaching Patient Challenges

• MI Individual & Team Skill-Building Activities




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