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What is the Value of CCP for Teams & Organizations?

Experts in chronic care and health promotion, along with the Institute of Medicine and the World Health Organization, emphasize that chronic care is a new model of care that requires new approaches and new workforce competencies or skills.

In fact, numerous studies find that traditional patient education approaches are typically ineffective, or even counterproductive, in chronic care and health coaching encounters. As a result, many programs fail to deliver expected value.

CCP demonstrates that staff members have been prepared in the new generation of chronic care and health coaching approaches demonstrated to improve engagement, disease self-care, and lifestyle management.

Make Investments in Staff Development Count
Investments in internal training programs, training vendors, continuing education (CE) programs or certifications, must support key organization outcomes and must be measured for impact. Yet, the results of many training solutions are often unknown or unmeasured by training providers or customers.

Based on over 500 clinical studies, CCP has been evaluated in state pilots, assessed by organizations including Kaiser Permanente, and included in peer-reviewed studies.

An All-inclusive, Comprehensive Learning System
CCP tuition is an investment in an advanced learning system, validated learning resources and tools, an accepted certification, and expert-led monthly skill-building programs to keep staff updated in new advances and approaches for better patient and purchaser value. CCP is:

  • The only nationally recognized health coaching and chronic care learning and certification program.
  • Ideal for nurses and other members of the health care team—including clinical and nonclinical staff.
  • An award-winning, best practice learning and competency development program.
  • The only evidence-based learning program of its type linked with better program outcomes.
  • Provides use of the CCP seal in websites, marketing materials or proposals (when CCP is required for existing and new program staff).
  • Easily accessible by local or remote staff, teams or units via the self-directed online learning program.
  • CE certificate provided for 40 hours of continuing education.
  • Exclusive access to the largest motivational interviewing skill-building video library to build proficiency in a health coaching approach validated in over 300 clinical studies.
  • Monthly, expert-led skill-building webinars and training materials that supplement the core CCP curriculum—archived for viewing anytime and meeting all CCP recertification requirements.
  • A prerequisite for HealthSciences Institute’s advanced motivational interviewing skill-building programs.


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