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First Database of Interprofessional Health Care Training Programs for Team-Based Care Announced

HealthSciences CCP Health Coaching Certification for Health Care Professionals Included

The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) launched a free online database on December 10th containing more than 100 primary care health professional training programs that focus on interdisciplinary, comprehensive, team-based care. Led by the PCPCC’s Education & Training Task Force, the database includes a range of programs from academic medical centers, community health centers, integrated health systems, and universities. The only national chronic care and health coaching program submitted for inclusion was CCP Health Coach.

The PCPCC joins U.S. and international health care authorities—including the Institute of Medicine and the World Health Organization—in emphasizing that better health care requires interprofessional training models. The November issue of the influential health care policy journal Health Affairs, titled Redesigning the Health Care Workforce, emphasized the need for retooling the health care workforce. A lead article by Rickets and Fraher noted that with all the attention on reorganizing care delivery processes and implementing information technologies, little attention or funding has been devoted to preparing the health care workforce for change, leaving training and continuing education disconnected from the actual delivery of care. Moreover, while acute care dominates practitioner training and continuing education programs, the biggest threats to health and sustainable spending are chronic, not acute or episodic.

The PCPCC announcement follows months of work by PCPCC staff and the Education and Training Taskforce to design, populate and test a user-friend source for connecting with interdisciplinary programs that prepare practitioners for success in health care settings—particularly in primary care—transitioning to interdisciplinary care models that better support whole person care and care coordination.

According to Dr. Blake Andersen, President & CEO of HealthSciences Institute and a PCPCC taskforce member, “The value of the patient-centered medical home has been widely acknowledged and now we can move on to the business of supporting dissemination and implementation success. Numerous studies show that with both the CCM (Chronic Care Model) and the PCMH model, teams who receive competency-based training in chronic care and health coaching are more likely to deliver better patient-level outcomes. This concurs with our ten years of research on CCP and our other motivational interviewing (MI)-based programs. Team literacy in population health, chronic disease management, lifestyle management, and MI-based health coaching is just not nice to know, but essential for better clinical and cost outcomes. And our NIH-funded faculty have specifically linked MI proficiency with patient engagement.”

Learn more about PCPCC or access the Education and Training database now.

HealthSciences Institute (HSI) is a training, workforce development and credentialing organization that prepares health care practitioners, interdisciplinary teams and organizations to better serve consumers at risk of, or affected by, chronic conditions. Based on the interprofessional workforce recommendations of the Institute of Medicine, the award-winning Chronic Care Professional (CCP) Health Coach program has been piloted in three states, and is required for Medicaid disease management contractors in two other states. Since 2003, the online CCP program has been selected by over 250 health plans and health systems including Kaiser Permanente, Mayo, Air Force and the Veterans Administration. Following CCP, practitioners may complete more advanced training and proficiency testing in motivational interviewing (MI) in accordance with the standards of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) to achieve Registered Health Coach (RHC)® and listing in the National Registry of Health Coaches.

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