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Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA) Certification Program

The HCPA certification program includes a webinar-based training program, HCPA coding manual, access to the web-based data entry and reporting system, practice coding experience and a final proficiency assessment. Upon completion of the training, participants will receive HCPA certification. HCPA certified professionals are eligible to license the web-based data entry portal and reporting system for their employers or clients.


  • Proficient in MI as demonstrated by MITI or HCPA coding by a MINT trainer
  • Previous training in MITI coding (contact us for info on upcoming MITI coding workshops)

HCPA Certification Program


  • Next Training Sessions: To be announced

Fee: $350 (upon acceptance of application)

Faculty: Susan Butterworth, PhD

Certification Program Overview

Receive HCPA Coding Manual by email

Webinar I:

  • Orientation and introduction to HCPA Tool
  • Demonstration of tool and reporting
  • New coding components
  • Example of session and HCPA coding
Access provided to the HCPA coding and reporting portal

Prep work for Webinar II

  • Receive session to practice code
  • Enter values into HCPA database

Webinar II

  • Present expert coding for practice session
  • Discuss and review
  • Practice coding, discussion and review


  • Receive session to code for certification
  • Enter values into HCPA database
  • To pass, must be within one standard deviation of expert coder
  • If fail, receive one private session and retest



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