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Nationally Recognized HealthSciences' Health Coaching, Motivational Interviewing & Disease Management Certification Program Updated

CCP 5.0 Builds on Ten Years of Outcomes at HealthSciences, Break-Through Research in Patient Engagement and Health Behavior Change

HealthSciences Institute released version 5.0 of the award-winning Chronic Care Professional (CCP) Health Coaching Online Learning and Certification Program. Featuring advances in population health improvement; updated medical care, self-care and decision support tools for 30 chronic conditions; and evidence-based lifestyle management support steps. CCP 5.0 includes audio/video health coaching case studies that help learners build the MI style and skills proven effective in over 300 clinical studies. Participants learn how to respond to patient statements, provide information and support shared decision-making—while avoiding patient discord (linked with poor engagement and behavior change) and evoking change talk (linked with behavior change). Using the 2012 Miller & Rollnick motivational interviewing (MI) health coaching framework as a guide, CCP helps learners address common health coaching barriers, while improving the impact of brief telephonic and face-to-face health coaching practice across the care continuum. In addition, learners choose from expert presentations on topics that match their clinical roles and interests featuring 25 HealthSciences faculty contributors from Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

Upon completion of the 40-hour CE-approved program and exam, CCPs are listed in the not-for-profit PartnersInImprovement Alliance online registry: Employers, purchasers and patients can now verify that their practitioner or health coach has been trained and tested in chronic disease prevention and chronic care best practices, and are proficient in health coaching approaches proven effective in peer-reviewed clinical studies.

CCP is the only training program of its kind developed and vetted by credentialed experts in health behavior change and linked with better patient-level outcomes by Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliates, Nationwide and Kaiser Permanente. In a recent Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) study nominated for the BCBS Association’s Best in Blue Award, CCP, MI training and individual/program performance measurement yielded a 46% improvement in disease management nurse’s motivational interviewing (MI) skills and linked MI proficiency (assessed via a standardized, validated measure) with better patient engagement in an independent analysis by noted disease management evaluator, Dr. Ariel Linden.

According to HealthSciences Institute’s President & CEO, Dr. Blake Andersen “Since we continuously track the outcomes and ROI of our work, we can leverage what we have learned over ten years of training thousands of clinicians. At BCBSM for example, this allowed us to deliver a nearly 50% improvement in evidence-based health coaching skills for disease management nurses (most of whom had completed training in MI by a training vendor specializing in MI in health care prior to our baseline). In engagements with Mercer, our faculty quadrupled engagement rates for multinational employers. None of this would have been possible without organizations willing to invest in better outcomes for their patients or members and customers. If a company is unwilling to invest in their people or the quality of their services, we can’t help. Many are looking for short- cuts, train-the-trainer programs, or one shot training. We emphasize that this is a complex skill- set and legacy training approaches aren’t sufficient. If there were an easier way to do it, believe me we would use it.”

CCP has been recognized by the wellness, disease and care management industry association (the Care Continuum Alliance), the Case Management Society of American (CMSA), the National Association of Disease Management & Wellness Professionals (NADMWP), top ten U.S. Patient-Centered Primary Care (PCMH) Collaboratives, along with state government units in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Vermont. Since 2003 CCP has been recommended or required by leading health care organizations in the U.S. and Canada, including 25 BCBS affiliates, Kaiser Permanente, and the US AirForce.

In the state of Montana, where CCP is required for all community and tribal health center case managers chosen to serve Medicaid recipients, Wendy Sturn, Health Improvement Program Office with Montana Medicaid/HMK Plus, recently noted “We have chosen the training (CCP) because, in my opinion, it is the best available. When designing this program four years ago, we were very careful to put in place assessment and training components that are research based and nationally recognized. We believe requiring quality training such as the CCP as a foundation of the overall program will greatly improve our odds for success.” Learn more at 


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