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Kate Lorig

Kate Lorig, RN, DrPH Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine; Director, Stanford Patient Education Research Center.

Kate Lorig is a pioneer and luminary in the fields of chronic care and disease self-management. She holds a masters in nursing and a doctorate in public health with a specialty in health education. For more than two decades, using a public health approach, she has developed and evaluated community-based patient education programs for people with chronic conditions including arthritis, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and AIDS. Her patient disease self-management program has been adopted in the U.S. by organizations including Kaiser Permanente and abroad by organizations including the UK National Health Service (NHS). Organizations and communities in Canada, Great Britain, Europe Australia, China, and South Africa also draw on her work. Her present research interests include internet-based Diabetes Self-Management as well as small group interventions in Diabetes and Arthritis for English and Spanish speakers. She is recipient of multiple awards including the Molly Mettler Award from the National Council on Aging's Health Promotion Institute.

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