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Leana S. Wen, M.D., MSc., FAAEM Health Commissioner Baltimore, Maryland

Leana S. Wen, M.D. Born in Shanghai, child of Chinese dissidents, Leana Wen was raised in inner city Los Angeles and entered college at 13. By 30, she'd been a Rhodes Scholar, completed medical school and emergency medicine residency, written for the New York Times, was fellow for the World Health Organization, coauthored "When Doctors Don't Listen: How to Avoid Misdiagnoses and Unnecessary Tests," and spoken at TED on patient advocacy. At 31, she left the emergency room to serve as Baltimore, Maryland's Health Commissioner. Dr. Wen joins us to discuss limits and opportunities of public health service as a physician, engaging and uniting local, state and federal partners around a common goal, and a few of her priorities and initiatives.

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