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Michelle Fullerton, BA, BS, CCM, CCP Director, Wellness, Care Management and Health Promotion Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM)

Michelle has worked in the care management field at BCBSM for the past 10 years. BCBSM serves four million members across the US and within the State of Michigan. Over the past ten years, BCBSM care management programs have expanded to include chronic condition management, 24/7 nurse call line, smoking cessation, care transition to home, and wellness coaching. A total of 280 nurses, physicians, social workers and dietitians support these programs. Fifty-percent of the clinical staff work within a work from home environment. All clinical programs are administered by BCBSM. Michelle obtained her nursing degree from the University Of Windsor, Ontario Canada. Previous experience includes hospital case management, utilization review, oncology nursing and emergency services. She also has a degree in Communication Studies and worked in advertising prior to becoming a registered nurse.

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