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Motivational Interviewing Health Coaching Workshop

Our popular two-day, hands-on workshop is specifically designed for clinician and non-clinician members of the health care team, as well as specialists in phone or face-to-face wellness, disease management or care management programs. Workshops are facilitated by a team of MINT health care specialists and clinicians—seasoned in “real world” direct care, wellness, disease management and care management settings. The program is typically offered in-house our regionally to teams of 25 or more. This HealthSciences Institute workshop has been updated in 2012 to incorporate the latest MI and health behavior change research and interventions, including material Miller and Rollnick’s 2012 Motivational Interviewing: Helping People Change (3rd Edition). You’ll learn about a new MI health coaching framework and exciting revisions to the theory and practice of MI.


  • Core concepts and principles of MI-based health coaching
  • Compare traditional medical and popular coaching with validated MI health coaching approaches
  • Worst and best case scenarios in behavior change facilitation that predict clinical outcome
  • Practical MI health coaching techniques for better patient engagement, self-care, adherence, lifestyle, and clinical outcomes
  • Structured framework for brief, evidence-based health coaching
  • Concrete MI health coaching skills for health care
  • Plan for continued proficiency development

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To schedule an in-house, onsite or regional training workshop for  25 or more participants , please contact us. Learn more about Motivational Interviewing RHC-I (MI) Health Coaching Intensive

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