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The Nurse Practitioner Association New York State Executive Director Stephen Ferrara Announces Initiative for Advanced Chronic Care Training

ALBANY, NY – The Nurse Practitioner Association New York State (The NPA) Executive Director Stephen Ferrara has announced an initiative for New York State nurse practitioners (NPs) to take advantage of advanced chronic care training in partnership with HealthSciences Institute’s (HSI) award-winning and validated programs—Chronic Care Professional (CCP) and Registered Health Coach (RHC). These programs will enhance the ability of NPs in New York State to help modify the lifestyle factors that drive chronic conditions and reduce their human and financial costs.

New York State’s 16,000+ Nurse Practitioners are an essential link in today’s health care delivery system with most NPs providing primary care in family and adult care areas. With the shortage of primary care physicians coupled with an aging population, there is an increased demand for NPs who service both rural and urban areas throughout the country in larger numbers than ever.

Nurse practitioners have always been recognized for their expertise in caring for chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and COPD,” said Ferrara. “The newest advanced training course from HSI will benefit individuals statewide by making NPs better prepared to both prevent and treat these pervasive conditions.”

The Chronic Care Professional (CCP) program is based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Institute of Medicine and leading Consumer Advocacy Groups, which emphasize that today, better health care requires the active engagement of the interdisciplinary health care team, a shared platform for health support, and evidence-based chronic care and health coaching skills—like those advocated for medical care. Both CCP and Registered Health Coach (RHC) credentials are based on motivational interviewing (MI)—the only health coaching approach backed by over 300 rigorous clinical trials, with validated steps for developing and assessing proficiency in the approach.

HealthSciences Institute is the largest chronic care and motivational interviewing (MI) health coaching training, certification and quality improvement organization. CCP is recommended or required by state Medicaid, military health programs, industry and professional associations, medical home groups—and leading health systems and health plans. Since 2004, CCP and RHC have been linked with improvement in a number of patient-level outcomes.

The NPA is the voice of Nurse Practitioners in New York State. The NPA offers the membership, the medical community, lawmakers and consumers the tools, resources and information to advance the NP Profession and an effective and successful advocacy program dedicated to advancing the professionalism of NPs. The mission is to provide the highest standards of healthcare delivery through the empowerment of nurse practitioners and the profession throughout New York State.

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