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Sheryl Riley

Sheryl Riley, RN, OCN, CMCN; Director of Clinical Services, SAI Systems

Sheryl Riley is the Managing Partner and Founder of Clarion LLC, a consulting and care management firm specializing in individual oncology care management. Currently working with SAI, as the Director of Clinical Services. Sheryl has been instrumental in the development and design of SAI System’s oncology care management programs and system, intricare.  Prior to that, Sheryl was a Senior VP of Operations for Enhanced Care Initiatives in which she created new markets for care management programs across a multistate region. She was also Senior Product Consultant of Population Care Management at McKesson, and held leadership roles with Confer and Benchmark Oncology. Sheryl has been a practicing nurse clinician for over 25 years with experience across a range of disease states and programs. She has written over 22 disease management programs and authored numerous journal articles.

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