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Technical Requirements


  • Windows: Windows XP or higher and a high-speed Internet connection
  • Macintosh: Mac OS X or higher and a high-speed Internet connection
  • iPads and iPhones are not supported for the module programs. You can watch any of the learning videos on iPad 3 or higher and a high-speed wireless internet connection, iPad 1 or iPad 2 can be slow to draw pages and watch videos.
  • The My Moodle iOS App is not supported, please use the Safari browser when using an iPad
  • Tablets such as Samsung using Android OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and lower have not be fully tested and we do not offer technical support
  • The My Moodle Droid Apps is not supported; please use the Chrome browser when using a Droid-based Tablet
  • Kindle Fire: Is not recommended and we do not offer technical support




Our Learning Program is configured to work in most browsers. We recommend using either Firefox (Mac or Windows), Safari (Mac users), or Google Chrome (Mac or Windows). We recommend avoiding Internet Explorer, as it may conflict with certain features of the learning program. 



Video Presentations


Our learning program uses to stream presentations for faster performance. If you are not able to watch a presentation, chances are your company has blocked access to the server. This is a common practice for companies that also block YouTube, FaceBook and other social websites in a work environment. A simple test to see if is being blocked is to click on this link. If you cannot watch this video, your IT department is blocking .


There are three solutions to fix this problem:

  1. Ask your IT department if they will allow you access to   
  2. Access the learning program from a remote site such as your home or a place where you can receive Internet access.   
  3. Use a computer that is not owned or provided by your company and access the learning program from a remote site such as your home or an alternate location with internet access.   


Still Having Trouble?


If you have any technical troubles accessing the learning program or using certain functions within the learning program while using the above suggested browsers and operating systems, please submit a support request form for further assistance.

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