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Wendy D. Lynch

Wendy D. Lynch, PhD, Director, Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care, Altarum Institute

For nearly 30 years, Wendy Lynch has been a leader in research design and evaluation in the fields of health measurement, consumer engagement, productivity assessment and human capital management. Her career has included roles as faculty at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Vice President of Strategic Development at HCMS Group, Principal at Mercer Human Resource Consulting, and board member of two publicly-traded companies. Now Dr. Lynch serves as Co-Director of the Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care at the Altarum Institute and runs her own consulting firm. She is a frequent speaker and author of over 100 articles and reports—and two books: Who Survives? Aligning incentives, Information and Choice. Dr. Lynch was named in Forbes Online “One of thirteen unsung heroes changing health care forever.”

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