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Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA)

Are you proficient in MI health coaching? Has your work been evaluated by a credentialed specialist in MI, using a standardized, validated tool, and have you received personal feedback based on your performance?  (Most research on MI proficiency suggests you are not if you have not). If you are a program leader, can you describe the specific health coaching, wellness, disease management or care management service that your organization provides to customers? Can you document that your staff routinely and consistently provide a best practice service like other health care providers? How do you measure and improve the readiness and effectiveness of your staff to deliver better clinical and cost outcomes to customers?

Today more employer and government purchasers, health plans and provider organizations are evaluating the effectiveness of wellness, disease management and care management programs. Yet, documenting or improving the effectiveness of these services is simply not possible if the services being delivered to patients or members are not well-defined or measured using a standardized tool.

More Information About HCPA

HealthSciences Institute’s new Health Coaching Performance Assessment® (HCPA) closes this gap. Unlike retrospective or legacy quality assurance approaches to improvement, the HCPA is designed to help program leaders measure and improve staff proficiency in approaches that have delivered better patient engagement, clinical and cost outcomes in over 300 clinical studies.

About the HCPA

  • First comprehensive health coaching performance measure that is designed specifically for health care encounters.
  • Incorporates the latest behavior change science including new research on key practitioner and patient behaviors.
  • Measures staff and program fidelity to an approach validated in 300+ clinical studies to deliver results
  • Has yielded high inter-rater reliability, and criterion validity of .91 with the MITI according to a 2011 external evaluation by Linden Consulting.
  • Benchmarks service quality and provides standardized comparisons over time or across or within teams, programs or divisions.
  • Provides specific, actionable improvement recommendations to individual staff as well as aggregate reporting to program leaders.
  • Offers a standardized, prospective approach for continuous improvement.
  • Measures the impact of internal or external health coaching trainers or training programs




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