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HealthSciences Institute Announces the First National Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Health Coaching Training Conference

Health Coaching with a Motivational Interviewing Approach Could Significantly Reduce 85% of Avoidable Health Care Costs


HealthSciences Institute and the not-for-profit PartnersinImprovement Alliance will host the first national training conference on motivational interviewing (MI) in health care, wellness, disease management and chronic care management October 2nd through 5th in Orlando, Florida.

The conference kick-offs October 2nd with a Chronic Care Professional (CCP) preconference, followed by a networking reception for attendees and members of the National Population Health Improvement Learning Collaborative—a community of over 10,000 health care professionals representing the continuum of health care—from Fortune 500 employers, health plans, providers—to military, federal and state government health units.

October 3rd and 4th feature HealthSciences’ two-day interactive, “hands on” motivational interviewing (MI) skill-building workshop. This popular program (updated to incorporate Miller and Rollnick’s 2012 health coaching framework) focuses exclusively on the use and application of MI in health care. Facilitators include twice National of Institutes of Health (NIH)-funded authority on MI in health care, Dr. Susan Butterworth, and three HealthSciences Institute faculty and Motivational Network of Trainers (MINT) clinicians: Mike Brody, MSN, PMHNP; Carol DeFrancesco, RD; and Judy Thomas, RN.

According to Dr. Blake Andersen, HealthSciences Institute CEO, “MI is the only health coaching approach validated in over 300 clinical trials to deliver better patient-level outcomes, including dozens in ‘real world’ health care settings. It is without a doubt the most promising health coaching intervention known to reduce the 85% of avoidable health care costs attributed to health behaviors.”

Friday October 5th begins with an overview of the Registered Health Coach (RHC)® credentialing process and a Health Coach Registry® update. The national registry—designed for purchasers, employers and patients—identifies health coaches who have fulfilled MINT training standards and demonstrated proficiency in MI using a validated, standardized measure. Programs that require RHC for staff will also be recognized for excellence. Dr. Andersen noted, “Patients and purchasers should be able to expect the same level of competence and quality in health coaching as with any other health care service.”

The conference will conclude with a half-day workshop sharing ground-breaking findings from an NIH-funded clinical study led by Dr. Butterworth that led to a four-fold increase in engagement rates in multinational corporate settings by applying knowledge and skills from this conference. Steps for measuring and improving engagement, quality and customer results using the Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA), validated in a 2011 study by noted disease management health services evaluator Dr. Ariel Linden, will also be shared.

About HealthSciences Institute
HealthSciences Institute is the largest chronic care and motivational interviewing (MI) health coaching training, certification and quality improvement organization. HealthSciences applies clinical research from the health care and behavioral sciences to improve engagement, treatment adherence, self-care and lifestyle management outcomes in real world health care settings. Since 2004, the award-winning CCP certification program has been recommended or required for staff of regional and state collaboratives, military health organizations, medical homes and health plans—including over 20 BCBS affiliates. Learn more at://

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