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Leading Health Plan Motivational Interviewing Program Leads to Measurable Gains in Nurse Proficiency & Program Quality

Rigorous Evaluation Finds 46% Increase in MI Skills & Better Engagement 
A motivational interviewing (MI) skill-building program targeting 250 nurses in Wellness, Care Management and Health Promotion has continuously improved nurse proficiency and program quality as measured by pre and quarterly testing with the Health Coaching Performance Assessment (HCPA). The HCPA is the only validated measurement and quality reporting system for health coach proficiency and program fidelity to MI in health care. MI is considered the only evidence-based health coaching approach as evidenced by over 300 clinical trials showing better patient-level outcomes. 

Through the program, all health plan nurses completed a 40-hour online core curriculum in chronic care and health coaching (Chronic Care Professional (CCP) certification) preparing them for a two-day “hands on” onsite MI training. Monthly webinar case review sessions follow, supporting learning transfer to the job. A team of nurse mentors received additional training in MI and mentoring. All staff receive quarterly individual HCPA feedback reports; leaders receive aggregate program quality reports. 

Dr. Blake Andersen, CEO of HealthSciences Institute and behavioral medicine authority, noted “With the HPCA, we can measure the ROI of the services we deliver to the health plan and they in turn can continuously track and improve the value of the services that they deliver to members and customers. With so much being invested in health coaching and MI training, it’s imperative that we measure adherence to evidence-based practice and the ROI of the training.”

In addition, HealthSciences completed a rigorous study that showed a significant relationship between enrollment rates at the plan and the overall skill set in motivational interviewing. This first-ever study has significant implications for improving member and clinical outcomes, and addressing widespread concerns among customers about the capacity of health plans to better engage members. 

According to Dr. Susan Butterworth, NIH funded health coaching authority, Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University & project lead,  "There's a gap in the literature regarding how proficient a nurse needs to be to improve engagement and chronic care self-management. This landmark study demonstrates how important overall proficiency in MI is to improving engagement and member outcomes.”  

HealthSciences Institute is the largest chronic care and motivational interviewing (MI) health coaching training, certification and quality improvement organization. Since 2003, HealthSciences translates clinical research from the health behavioral sciences to improve engagement, treatment adherence, self-care and lifestyle management outcomes. CCP certification is now recommended or required for staff of regional and state collaboratives, military health organizations, medical homes and health plans, including over 20 BCBS affiliates. In 2012, HealthSciences introduced the first proficiency-based credential in health coaching (Registered Health Coach®). Learn more at

Contact: Jessica Lambert, HealthSciences Institute or 866-640-6060. 

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